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What is the difference between a Mazda Miata 5 SPD and a 6 SPD?

In laymans terms (I'm a girl)...What is the difference? I can't seem to find that answer online.What is the difference between a Mazda Miata 5 SPD and a 6 SPD?
Simple, 5 speed usually means it has a manual transmission, or stick shift if you will. It basically means the car has 5 gears that you shift through, 5th gear being your cruising gear. 6 speed is the same thing, just with 6 gears instead of 5. Personally, I'd go with the 6 speed. But if you don't know how to drive a stick, you can either learn, or you might want to consider going with an automatic transmission car. I can let you know more if you like, but I think I answered your question to the extent you wanted me to :)
The first difference is obvious, five is more then six.

But here are the gear rato's:

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th

5MT 3.136 1.888 1.330 1.000 0.814

6MT 3.760 2.269 1.645 1.257 1.000 0.843

These are for a Miata, other cars are different. Now there is another place the 6 spd and 5 spd are different, and that is in the differential gears. Some years have a 3.909 while others a 4.1 on the 6 spd while the 5 spd has a 4.3 (which is better for off the line).

The reason for more gears for the Miata is to stay in the power band across more of speeds the car can obtain. This also yields better MPG in some speed ranges. So the Miata 6 spd is a close ratio transmission.What is the difference between a Mazda Miata 5 SPD and a 6 SPD?
um im pretty sure the torque will e higher in the 6 speed but i could be wrong and the six speed you will be able to change gears more often which could be... in the 5 speed the engen is smaller or what ever but the main difrence is that in the 6 speed you will b swiching the gears more often than in the 5 speed and may have more torque but not sure about the torque part
it could be a few things. Some cars have a 5 speed automatic, 5 speed manual, or 6 speed manual. in lay mans terms the 6 speed will give you better gas mileage than the five. it has a lower overdrive which means the engine turns less revs per minute which means less gas.What is the difference between a Mazda Miata 5 SPD and a 6 SPD?
A 5 SPD = a 5-speed manual, as in, there are 5 forward gears.

A 6 SPD = a 6-speed manual, as in, there are 6 forward gears.
the question is, do you know how to drive stick shift? Seeing that you don't know what those two meant, I would think you wouldn't know how to drive it.

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